Changing the System … One Bit at a Time


I invite you to participate in the making of history. … by joining us in the redesign of a deeply flawed financial system.

If we truly want to change the course of history and build an economic revolution, a good place to start is by rethinking the most powerful tool ever created by humans: money.

Money.  By redesigning this tool we call money, we can affect a fundamental change in our society, because the pursuit of money is deeply programmed into the code that governs nearly every aspect of our economic lives.

Popular protest, economic analysis and political debate has all converged on the issue of income inequality.   They say, “The Money game is rigged.”  The 1 percent get rich off the backs of the 99 percent.  As debilitating as economic inequality is to huge swaths of society, this is only one of the consequences of our our flawed money and banking system.  The failings of “the system” go well beyond issues of economic fairness.  The inability of our financial system to effectively channel resources to address societies greatest needs threatens our very future. Our financial system is unfair, unstable and unsustainable. Fixing the flaws of our financial system is the most important task facing our society today.

Because of the way money is created in the current money and banking system, intolerable levels of debt are introduced … not only creating a form of debt servitude for a vast segment of society, but also destabilizing the entire system with a built in volatility. People are fed up and with good reason.  There has to be a better way to design this powerful tool we call money.  But how … how can we translate the raw anger into the purposeful action?


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