Changing the System … One Bit at a Time


In the same way that the Internet and digitization have democratized the way media and entertainment are created and shared, so to they can democratize the way money is created and shared.

This is the nature of the economic revolution that awaits us … the revolution in the way we think about money … the Credit Commons Revolution … suddenly money is created not as debt … creating forms of debt servitude to big banks … but instead money is created through a process that empowers the institutions that are most vital to the well being of society…like universities, foundations, nonprofits, small businesses etc. The Credit Commons system is democratized, decentralized and digitized. Suddenly no longer do commercial banks have outsized influence in the political process because the benefits of money creation have been redistributed to social banks who can program their own mission into the use of the money they are creating.

The potential benefits of creating The Credit Commons extend well beyond the mitigation of financial risks.  New money holds the potential or revolutionizing the way money flows through the economy … who introduces it into circulation … how it is targeted … what needs it addresses … who benefits from the money creation process.


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